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ACC Champions

The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill is known for many iconic things: Mens Basketball, Womens Soccer, and great academics. Now you need to put Men’s Lacrosse on that same level. The Men’s Lacrosse team just won there first ACC championship since 1996. They played the University of Virginia; another storied program in the ACC.

The game stared with the Tar Heels coming out strong. Marcus Holman had three assists just in the first-half. During half time head coach of NC Joe Breschi said that the X position  maintained great position throughout the first half. The faceoff team was exceptional. When asked what his biggest weakness of the first half was thus far he said the defence was “sloppy”. Beyond things they can control he touched on things his team can’t control: the weather. He continued to touch on that both teams had to deal with the slipperiness of the fields and to take advantage when players slip. With the wet fields came sloppy sticks and silly mistakes.

The Tar Heels stated the second half just like they started the game: with two straight goals. They continued to look strong throughout the second half. taking advantage of ground balls, man-ups, and sloppy defence by Virginia. The game ended with a score of 16-13.

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They have a Video Game?

With the growth of the sport comes growth of popularity. This growth has made video game companies realize that there is money to be made in the sport of lacrosse. The idea of a lacrosse video game has been around since 2009. The major video game company EA Sports made three versions of a lacrosse video game in 2009. NLL Live ’09, MLL ’09 and NCAA ’09. All three products very successful but, still needed some major improvements.

Lacrosse is a very specific game: different positions, talents, and substitutions have gamers wanting more and more out of the game. With this high demand the companies answered. The games now include more specifics like which stick you can use, weather control, and personalizing players. Furthermore, video game companies have been continuously putting out new versions each year. The latest edition you can play online with other members.

Besides the latest edition of College Lacrosse ’12 ( the 2013 not out yet) there has been a mobile phone application that came out this year. The application is good for both iPhones and Androids alike. the cost of the application is $1.99 and has shown great response.

I see the video game market exploding in the future for lacrosse. New innovations and ideas are continually being improved each edition. I believe more application for phone will come out and just increase the game’s popularity.

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Watch List

The much-anticipated Tewaaraton Watch list keeps growing. On February 22, 2013 the foundation sent out the top players across all three divisions of NCAA lacrosse. My post on April 1, 2013 goes into detail about what the award is and what it means to the sport. Among the 2013 watch list are some very respectable name along with a few former finalists. On the men’s side we have Peter Baum (Colgate), Will Manny (Massachusetts), Mike Sawyer (Loyola), and Rob Pannell (Cornell). On the women’s side we have Brittany Dashiell (Florida), Taylor Thornton (Northwestern) and Michelle Tumolo (Syracuse).

The exciting thing about the watch list is more and more athletes get added as the season went on. Continuing on from here The lists will be narrowed down to 25 nominees that will be announced on April 26. From there the top five men’s and women’s finalists will be announced May 9th and will be invited to the prestigious award ceremony.

Historically the award goes to someone who has led their team both offensively or defensively well into the playoffs. The competition should be great and, I am excited to see if peter Baum can repeat.

Below is a picture of the award.

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A Battle of Legends

When it come to Lacrosse, especially College Lacrosse, the Ivy League has some of the deepest traditions and rivalries known to the sport. These prestigious Universities include Havard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth, and Penn. Yesterday two of the leagues best teams faced off for a critical Ivy League win: Harvard and Princeton.

Princeton had the luxury of being the home team in this long time rivalry. Princeton had just come off a road loss to Dartmouth and was looking for big league win against the men of Harvard.  Harvard was coming of a huge home win against Penn and looking to place well going into the tournament. Both teams were (2-2) in league play coming into the match up.

Watching the game Princeton come on strong scoring the first three goals. Harvard had some life going into halftime with the score 5-3. It was all about fast starts with the Tigers, coming out at half-time they racked up another three straight goals. The Tide could not keep up the margin. The final score was 14-6. Both teams look very competitive and I can see them going far into the Ivy League Tournament. The Ivy League Tournament starts on May 3rd.

Below is a picture from the game.

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MLL Lacrosse

MLL or Major League Lacrosse is different from the LXM Pro Tour. The MLL consists of eight teams: the Bayhawks, Cannons, Hounds, Lizards, Machine, Nationals, Outlaws, and Rattlers. these teams are present in both  the United States and Canada. According to the Major Leagues Lacrosse website they are planning to grow to 16 teams.

With the growth of the sport of lacrosse came a growing demand for a professional field lacrosse League. After many combinations of companies and sporting sponsors they mounded the Major League Lacrosse in 2001. the League sees nothing but growing in each of its growing years and is the standard for elite lacrosse in the United States.

The players are the top 230 players in the world consisting of names like Steele Stanwick, Paul Rabil, and Matt Danowski. The season is much longer the LXM Pro Tour consisting of 56 games. Another difference is the MLL has a draft of players coming out of college and a championship game. there has been 13 seasons of the major league lacrosse and I see the growth continuing. The season started 2 weeks ago with the players showing up for training camp. The season starts April 27, 2013 will continue well into August.

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Below is a picture of last years championship game.


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LXM Pro Tour

The LXM Pro Tour is the worlds only professional lacrosse tour. The tour is composed of players from across the United States who have graduated college. These players from teams and travel around to major U.S. cities (Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Los Angles, Phoenix, ect.) playing elite lacrosse, growing the game, and having a music festival/team interaction at the end of the game. The Tour has grown in popularity especially in the West Cost where lacrosse is traditionally not as popular of a sport.

The tour was founded in 2009 by five former collegiate lacrosse All- Americans: Scott Hochstadt, Xander Ritz, Max Ritz, Kyle Harrison, and Rich Fiore. These men have been the true driving force behind the promotion of the game to cities were lacrosse might not be a prominent. The Tour take place in the June through January having about one game in a different city each month. The Tour usually partners with different sporting companies: Adrenaline, Under Amour, Champion and Nike to help promote the newest equipment/gear.

LXM is very different from the Major League Lacrosse (MLL). The MLL is a professional lacrosse league that has a championship. The teams are much more structured as a college team would be. I think both leagues are great for the sport of lacrosse. They both are geared for one common goal: love of the game.

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Grow the Game!

Lacrosse is one of the oldest games in the United States. Many people don’t realize it but, the sport of lacrosse is older than football, basketball, and baseball. The sport originates within the Native American Culture. The Native Americans played this ‘sport’ to settle disputes among rival tribes. The game would be played on a three-mile long field and, would consist of hundreds of people. The losers of the game would then be sacrificed.

Fast forward to today. Many of the rules have changed, protective equipment has improved and, the number of players has decreased. The game of lacrosse is quoted as being “the fastest game on two feet.” Having played the sport all through college this is true. Furthermore, the game is growing at an exponential rate. The exciting part of the growth, it is expanding to other countries. Japan, Europe, South America, and Australia have all adopted the game and complete nationally. The major sponsor for this tournament is US Lacrosse (the national governing body for the sport of lacrosse).

Where lacrosse can go from here? I see lacrosse just increasing over the next few years. The introduction of the game to high schools and the creation of younger youth leagues has been essential to the growth. I am excited to say I’ve played and left the game better than when I first joined.

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Strong Conferences

Just like with all sports one team or conference usually stands out as always competing for a championship. This is especially true for college lacrosse. College lacrosse has always been dominated two conferences: the ACC and the Ivy League. Over 50% of the championships titles have been between these two conferences.

The Atlantic Cost Conference (ACC)  consists of twelve teams but, not all the teams are have a D-1 lacrosse program. Most of the lacrosse teams are club. The D-1 teams are: North Carolina, Duke, Virginia, and Maryland. The club teams are: Boston College, Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Miami, South Carolina State, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest. The reason for some of these schools having club teams and D-1 teams is because of funding and Title 9.

The Ivy League Conference consist of eight prestigious teams. They are: Brown, Colombia, Yale, Dartmouth, Harvard, Yale, Penn, and Princeton. Just like the ACC (or most conferences) not all the teams have a D-1 lacrosse program.  Colombia is the only team that does not have a lacrosse program. The rest of the teams have a deep tradition of lacrosse. In this league football is not very popular…lacrosse is the main sport.

The game is growing and that is exciting. These two conferences have shown what it takes to be a championship organization.

Below is a picture of Harvard and Cornell game this year.

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Tahoe Dawgs

What? The Tahoe Dawgs is a men’s club team based int he Reno-Tahoe area. I have had the privilege of playing for them for the last three seasons. The club season usually starts in February and goes until the end of July. Ending off the season with the well-known Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament.

After the first few practices the club has its first tournament usually at Palo Alto. This is a great event because is allows  people to shake off the rust and get their stick right. Because most of the players don’t play in College, this is a must needed event. After the first tournament the team meets every Sunday and scrimmages at the University of Nevada’s turf fields.

It is no secret that everyone looks forward to the Tahoe Lacrosse tournament. This is a great event for all involved. The location is perfect at the beautiful Lake Tahoe (summer time in Tahoe is epic). After playing the sport you love from great competition all over the United States, the beers come out. This event is a three-day event and is something people and players can enjoy. The funds generated from the event help out youth leagues for lacrosse to help grow the game in this area.

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A Year Round Sport

Many people ask me: What team do you play for? My usual response is: depends what season it is. I have had the privilege over my time in college to play for many different teams and have had a great experience playing lacrosse. I have played for the Men’s Tahoe Dawgs team, Men’s team for the University, and The USA Starz. I have met many great people and those friendships will last a lifetime. The true beauty of lacrosse that it is  a year around sport.

The Fall: This is when training begins. Time to get you body back in shape and hit the weight room. This is the time of the year that you build your conditioning that will last the rest of the season. I wrote a blog about the conditioning aspect of lacrosse entitled Can you Run? This is also a great time to work on things your are not good at: your off-hand, shooting, and fundamentals.

The Spring: This is when the season hits. Your need to be ready for the grind. Traveling, changing concepts every week, and keep your body healthy. Go win a championship!

The Summer: Have a beer its time to relax. Club ball is over the summer is some of the funnest lacrosse I have ever been apart of. You are able to drink at the games, refs don’t call as much and, you still get that competitive aspect.

In total you can see how lacrosse is literally a year around sport and, your need to treat it this way if you want to get better. Go Lax!

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