Posted by: fountaincolby | April 14, 2013

LXM Pro Tour

The LXM Pro Tour is the worlds only professional lacrosse tour. The tour is composed of players from across the United States who have graduated college. These players from teams and travel around to major U.S. cities (Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Los Angles, Phoenix, ect.) playing elite lacrosse, growing the game, and having a music festival/team interaction at the end of the game. The Tour has grown in popularity especially in the West Cost where lacrosse is traditionally not as popular of a sport.

The tour was founded in 2009 by five former collegiate lacrosse All- Americans: Scott Hochstadt, Xander Ritz, Max Ritz, Kyle Harrison, and Rich Fiore. These men have been the true driving force behind the promotion of the game to cities were lacrosse might not be a prominent. The Tour take place in the June through January having about one game in a different city each month. The Tour usually partners with different sporting companies: Adrenaline, Under Amour, Champion and Nike to help promote the newest equipment/gear.

LXM is very different from the Major League Lacrosse (MLL). The MLL is a professional lacrosse league that has a championship. The teams are much more structured as a college team would be. I think both leagues are great for the sport of lacrosse. They both are geared for one common goal: love of the game.

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