Posted by: fountaincolby | April 6, 2013

A Year Round Sport

Many people ask me: What team do you play for? My usual response is: depends what season it is. I have had the privilege over my time in college to play for many different teams and have had a great experience playing lacrosse. I have played for the Men’s Tahoe Dawgs team, Men’s team for the University, and The USA Starz. I have met many great people and those friendships will last a lifetime. The true beauty of lacrosse that it is  a year around sport.

The Fall: This is when training begins. Time to get you body back in shape and hit the weight room. This is the time of the year that you build your conditioning that will last the rest of the season. I wrote a blog about the conditioning aspect of lacrosse entitled Can you Run? This is also a great time to work on things your are not good at: your off-hand, shooting, and fundamentals.

The Spring: This is when the season hits. Your need to be ready for the grind. Traveling, changing concepts every week, and keep your body healthy. Go win a championship!

The Summer: Have a beer its time to relax. Club ball is over the summer is some of the funnest lacrosse I have ever been apart of. You are able to drink at the games, refs don’t call as much and, you still get that competitive aspect.

In total you can see how lacrosse is literally a year around sport and, your need to treat it this way if you want to get better. Go Lax!

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