Posted by: fountaincolby | April 15, 2013

MLL Lacrosse

MLL or Major League Lacrosse is different from the LXM Pro Tour. The MLL consists of eight teams: the Bayhawks, Cannons, Hounds, Lizards, Machine, Nationals, Outlaws, and Rattlers. these teams are present in both  the United States and Canada. According to the Major Leagues Lacrosse website they are planning to grow to 16 teams.

With the growth of the sport of lacrosse came a growing demand for a professional field lacrosse League. After many combinations of companies and sporting sponsors they mounded the Major League Lacrosse in 2001. the League sees nothing but growing in each of its growing years and is the standard for elite lacrosse in the United States.

The players are the top 230 players in the world consisting of names like Steele Stanwick, Paul Rabil, and Matt Danowski. The season is much longer the LXM Pro Tour consisting of 56 games. Another difference is the MLL has a draft of players coming out of college and a championship game. there has been 13 seasons of the major league lacrosse and I see the growth continuing. The season started 2 weeks ago with the players showing up for training camp. The season starts April 27, 2013 will continue well into August.

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Below is a picture of last years championship game.


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