Posted by: fountaincolby | April 22, 2013

They have a Video Game?

With the growth of the sport comes growth of popularity. This growth has made video game companies realize that there is money to be made in the sport of lacrosse. The idea of a lacrosse video game has been around since 2009. The major video game company EA Sports made three versions of a lacrosse video game in 2009. NLL Live ’09, MLL ’09 and NCAA ’09. All three products very successful but, still needed some major improvements.

Lacrosse is a very specific game: different positions, talents, and substitutions have gamers wanting more and more out of the game. With this high demand the companies answered. The games now include more specifics like which stick you can use, weather control, and personalizing players. Furthermore, video game companies have been continuously putting out new versions each year. The latest edition you can play online with other members.

Besides the latest edition of College Lacrosse ’12 ( the 2013 not out yet) there has been a mobile phone application that came out this year. The application is good for both iPhones and Androids alike. the cost of the application is $1.99 and has shown great response.

I see the video game market exploding in the future for lacrosse. New innovations and ideas are continually being improved each edition. I believe more application for phone will come out and just increase the game’s popularity.

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