Posted by: fountaincolby | April 8, 2013

Strong Conferences

Just like with all sports one team or conference usually stands out as always competing for a championship. This is especially true for college lacrosse. College lacrosse has always been dominated two conferences: the ACC and the Ivy League. Over 50% of the championships titles have been between these two conferences.

The Atlantic Cost Conference (ACC)  consists of twelve teams but, not all the teams are have a D-1 lacrosse program. Most of the lacrosse teams are club. The D-1 teams are: North Carolina, Duke, Virginia, and Maryland. The club teams are: Boston College, Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Miami, South Carolina State, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest. The reason for some of these schools having club teams and D-1 teams is because of funding and Title 9.

The Ivy League Conference consist of eight prestigious teams. They are: Brown, Colombia, Yale, Dartmouth, Harvard, Yale, Penn, and Princeton. Just like the ACC (or most conferences) not all the teams have a D-1 lacrosse program.  Colombia is the only team that does not have a lacrosse program. The rest of the teams have a deep tradition of lacrosse. In this league football is not very popular…lacrosse is the main sport.

The game is growing and that is exciting. These two conferences have shown what it takes to be a championship organization.

Below is a picture of Harvard and Cornell game this year.

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