Posted by: fountaincolby | April 1, 2013

Say What?

The Tewaaraton award is the Heisman Trophy of College Lacrosse. The award is given out to the best man and woman  player in division one lacrosse each year. The award is very sought after and considered the gold standard for college lacrosse.

The History of the award is in its early stages. The award was founded in 2000 by the University Club of Washington DC; and has grown in popularity since. The physical shape of the award definitely passes the eye test. The award is cast out of bronze and stands about two feet of the ground. The figure on the award is a Native American; designed to pay tribute to the founders of the game. The figure is holding one of the first lacrosse sticks; representing how far the game has come and the traditional heritage of the sport.

The past winners are a who’s who of lacrosse. From the Mens’ side we have Peter Baum (2012), Steele Stanwick (2011), and Kyle Harrison (2005). Form the women’s side we have Katie Schwarzmann (2012), Shannon Smith (2011)n and Katie Chrest (2005). All of these players continue to contribute to the game by coaching or playing professionally. Many of the winners of the award are offered membership into the prestigious University Club of Washington DC.

Below is a picture of last years winners.

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