Posted by: fountaincolby | April 29, 2013

ACC Champions

The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill is known for many iconic things: Mens Basketball, Womens Soccer, and great academics. Now you need to put Men’s Lacrosse on that same level. The Men’s Lacrosse team just won there first ACC championship since 1996. They played the University of Virginia; another storied program in the ACC.

The game stared with the Tar Heels coming out strong. Marcus Holman had three assists just in the first-half. During half time head coach of NC Joe Breschi said that the X position  maintained great position throughout the first half. The faceoff team was exceptional. When asked what his biggest weakness of the first half was thus far he said the defence was “sloppy”. Beyond things they can control he touched on things his team can’t control: the weather. He continued to touch on that both teams had to deal with the slipperiness of the fields and to take advantage when players slip. With the wet fields came sloppy sticks and silly mistakes.

The Tar Heels stated the second half just like they started the game: with two straight goals. They continued to look strong throughout the second half. taking advantage of ground balls, man-ups, and sloppy defence by Virginia. The game ended with a score of 16-13.

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