Posted by: fountaincolby | April 7, 2013

Tahoe Dawgs

What? The Tahoe Dawgs is a men’s club team based int he Reno-Tahoe area. I have had the privilege of playing for them for the last three seasons. The club season usually starts in February and goes until the end of July. Ending off the season with the well-known Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament.

After the first few practices the club has its first tournament usually at Palo Alto. This is a great event because is allows  people to shake off the rust and get their stick right. Because most of the players don’t play in College, this is a must needed event. After the first tournament the team meets every Sunday and scrimmages at the University of Nevada’s turf fields.

It is no secret that everyone looks forward to the Tahoe Lacrosse tournament. This is a great event for all involved. The location is perfect at the beautiful Lake Tahoe (summer time in Tahoe is epic). After playing the sport you love from great competition all over the United States, the beers come out. This event is a three-day event and is something people and players can enjoy. The funds generated from the event help out youth leagues for lacrosse to help grow the game in this area.

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