Posted by: fountaincolby | March 10, 2013

Can you Run?

In any sport being in shape is essential, this is especially true for lacrosse. Being able to be quick on your feet yet have the endurance to run for miles makes the sport of lacrosse very unique. This post will take you through the short-term speed you need to have and the long-term stamina.

The Speed: the idea of lacrosse is to beat the man in front of you. You need to be able to start and stop very rapidly. Having the ability to change direction and get to full speed, will allow you be in a better position to positively contribute to the game.

The Stamina: the field is a little over on hundred and twenty yards long. Running back and forth from defence to offence is just the nature of the game. When you get tired you get beat. On major way to be a great lacrosse player is to be in shape. I great way of testing this is the mile. If you can run under a 7 minute mile, you are heading in the right direction.

In the end it is obvious to say you need to be in shape to play any sport. From experience being in shape is the best way I prepared my self for games. It not only gave me the physical ability to beat my opponent but, mentally I knew I could hang with the best. Now go out and run!

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