Posted by: fountaincolby | April 22, 2013

Watch List

The much-anticipated Tewaaraton Watch list keeps growing. On February 22, 2013 the foundation sent out the top players across all three divisions of NCAA lacrosse. My post on April 1, 2013 goes into detail about what the award is and what it means to the sport. Among the 2013 watch list are some very respectable name along with a few former finalists. On the men’s side we have Peter Baum (Colgate), Will Manny (Massachusetts), Mike Sawyer (Loyola), and Rob Pannell (Cornell). On the women’s side we have Brittany Dashiell (Florida), Taylor Thornton (Northwestern) and Michelle Tumolo (Syracuse).

The exciting thing about the watch list is more and more athletes get added as the season went on. Continuing on from here The lists will be narrowed down to 25 nominees that will be announced on April 26. From there the top five men’s and women’s finalists will be announced May 9th and will be invited to the prestigious award ceremony.

Historically the award goes to someone who has led their team both offensively or defensively well into the playoffs. The competition should be great and, I am excited to see if peter Baum can repeat.

Below is a picture of the award.

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