Posted by: fountaincolby | March 11, 2013

The Rankings

As we enter into week 4 of the College Lacrosse season some surprise teams have surfaced and some are exactly where they should be. There are two teams in College Lacrosse that still have not had their first loss. They are the University of Cornell and, the University of Maryland both (5-0).

Cornell deserves the number two spot coming off a win against top ranked Virginia. Rob Panell has much to do with Cornell success. He is a leader on the team and is just coming off-season ending knee sugary last season. Big Red look very good coming into league play this year.

Maryland is currently holding the number one spot and has a crushing defence. The only thing I could see being a problem for Maryland going into the future is their transition game. With close defence they look unstoppable. There transition and unsettled opportunities are the weakness to Maryland’s defence.

They both are off to a great start and will make it far into the post season. In my opinion I believe that Maryland is the favorite to be in the championship game. Its early in the season-league play determines much of what happens. If these two teams keep playing like they started out it will be a great back-half to the season.

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