Posted by: fountaincolby | March 4, 2013

Saint Mary’s vs Nevada Preview

Every player gets excited to play in a game. Games are when you can compete against another team and show who is better. Games are when all the practice time, weight training, and film sessions come into play. Every team has those games during the season where you put a star next too, rivals. Saint Mary’s and Nevada have been rivals in lacrosse since the programs existed. Better yet, Nevada has never been on the winning side of a matchup.

When I first started playing lacrosse ant the University of Nevada one thing was etched into my brain…we dont like Saint Mary’s. I didn’t fully understand why we didn’t like them until we played that season. The game was one of the most intense things I have ever been apart of.  The game consisted of everything from trash talking, fights (among players and fans), and close games. I continued to played them each year and the result was the same: four straight losses by three goal or less.

The start of this season marks another chance for Nevada to take down their rival. The teams go head to head on March 16th at 3:00pm. Nevada will be the home team, sparking and interesting question who will win. In my opinion Nevada wins by 5 goals. The Gaels graduated many of their experienced players while the Wolf Pack as many of its players coming back. Seth Benson is averaging just under 3 goals per game and it doest appear that Gaels defence has the experience to stop him. The pack should not take them lightly, they two teams are both tied in league play, and both have playoffs in mind.

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Below is a picture of the Saint Mary’s Gaels celebrating a Victory over Nevada in 2011.


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