Posted by: fountaincolby | March 3, 2013

Looking Fresh

The culture arround sports is: if you look good you play good. This is especially true for the sport of lacrosse. Lacrosse has always been and environment were the most outrageous/different gear is widely accepted. Not only having that gear but, making sure you are the first to have it. This post will take you through the do’s and don’ts of the sport of lacrosse.

The Do’s:

The cleats must be molded. You need to understand that you will be running the majority of the time as well as changing direction fast. Cutting down on any extra weight you may wear is a must.

The socks need to be mid-calf white tubes by Nike. Dont ask my why that’s just the tradition of the game. If you feeling brave, put on some Adrenalines.

The laces on your cleats need to mismatch. Find colors that don’t match you jersey (line green, orange, pink). Why? It sets you apart. As mentioned above, the different always gets you remembered.

The Dont’s:

Wearing a visor.  Lacrosse is a very traditional game. Visors are for football, don’t be that guy.

Elbow pads –  wear them. They are there for your protection. It is not cool to have a broken elbow.

Forgetting to use a screw to attach your lacrosse head. Tape doesn’t work, the players will all laugh when your lacrosse head lands further than you threw the ball.

In the end each player has their own style, own it and play hard. The tips above are guidelines I followed and worked for me.

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