Posted by: fountaincolby | February 25, 2013

Traveling for Lacrosse

Traveling in lacrosse can be one of the most stressful and exciting things you ever do in sports. I have traveled countless times over my lacrosse career and I can tell you first hand that the times spend with your team, off the field, are the most memorable ones. The relationships your build with people in general are never really forgotten.

The Positives: any time you are able to go out-of-town and experience a new environment is exciting. The atmosphere, people, and your team all add to the experience. The overnight stay at different venues after a big win really adds to the teams chemistry. They consists of laughs, food, and your favorite alcoholic beverage.

The Negatives: conversely traveling with lacrosse is very stressful. The part that was most stressful for me was my lacrosse stick. Lacrosse Sticks are very unique to each player. They stringing, shooters, and mesh all need to be perfect. When you get your stick to how you want it, its hard to let it go. Sticks break, change with different humidity, and absorb water. All things to take into account. The change in any one of these areas could lead to a rough day on the field.

In all, traveling for a sport is an amazing experience. It comes with its successes and failures. Having a great backup stick with equipment to fix issues that may arise are essential to having a great trip. If you get the opportunity to travel, play a sport you love, or do both take advantage and enjoy the ride.

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