Posted by: fountaincolby | February 22, 2013

Shot clock in Lacrosse?

When you think of a shot clock the first thing that comes to mind is the sport of basketball. Basketball is infamous for having the digital timer on top of the backboard to help control how the game is played. Another sport that comes to mind is football.  The sport of football has a timer much like basketball were the team must snap the ball before the time is expired or the team is penalized. This concept that has worked well in basketball and football may  be adopted to the sport of lacrosse.

Lacrosse is considered to be the fastest game on two feet. Even thought he sport is fast paced the real key is patience. To be a great lacrosse player knowing when to push the ball for a fast score or hold the possession for a key goal; are all essential aspects in ending up on the winning side.

The conflict becomes when a team has too much control of the game. When a team is a ahead going into the fourth quarter they can hold the ball allowing the game clock to run out; ending in a victory. A great example for this situation is the Men’s College Lacrosse 2011 National Championship game, Maryland vs. Virginia.  Virgina held the ball for the last four minutes of the game ending in a victory for Virginia. When a team uses this “strategy” people being to question whether some action/rule should be adopted.

In my opinion they should implement a shot clock it would allow the game still to keep its fast paced tradition and answer the question of fairness in College Lacrosse.

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