Posted by: fountaincolby | February 18, 2013

It’s a long season

This weekend was a big weekend for College lacrosse.  This weekend didn’t determine who is going to conference title games or who in the playoffs but, who is starting off on the right foot. This weekend held a nationally televised tournament. The tournament hosted two games, a double-header on Sunday. The teams included: Ohio State-Buckeyes, Jacksonville-Dolphins, Denver-Pioneers, and Penn State-Nittany Lions.

The day started out with Denver against Penn State. The game started out competitive, both teams looked like they had a great offseason. The game went back and forth until the fourth quarter when Penn State pulled away. With the physical, bone crushing hits and hard checks it seemed that the refs were allowing the teams to play and not calling the game to tight. The game ended with a 15-12 win by the Lions. This was a great win for the Lions since Denver was ranked higher.

The second game of the double-header was Ohio State against Jacksonville. This game was the closer of the two. The game was tied until the Dolphin’s defense broke down, allowing 3 goals in the last ten minutes of the game, with a final score of 9-6 buckeyes.

All four teams looked good. Even though this was a great start for the winning teams but, the teams that didn’t win have much to take away from the tournament also. The teams that didn’t win need to realize it is a long season; they need to put this game behind them and get better.

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