Posted by: fountaincolby | February 16, 2013


Along with lacrosse traveling is my passion. When the opportunity came to do both in the same summer I was ecstatic. Every summer the USA Starz organization puts together three teams from the United States that travel to Australia, Europe, and Japan. It is truly amazing because the team is comprised of players from across the United States. The trip is very unique and forms a bond with people you would never have met.

I was accepted for the Australia trip. Traveling to ‘Down Undah’ takes about a day but , well worth it. After all the players got to know each other and into their designated rooms, the lacrosse began. We played a total of 7 games over the 14 days of our stay. The rules changed a little bit from the American rules we were used too but, overall the competition was good.  The teams we played included: New Zealand, West Australia, and other club teams from local cities. We played well, coming in third in the entire tournament.

Besides the lacrosse the people, places, food, and bars were amazing. Being able to hold a Koala at a wildlife sanctuary, seeing national monuments, and teaching young children how to play lacrosse are all once in a lifetime experiences. The overall experience was irreplaceable. I still keep in touch with the people I met in Australia as well as the players from across the United States. The trip was life changing and I would recommend it to anyone interested. Keep playing, traveling and living life!!

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